It’s Coming : The 2010 Del Close Awards

In keeping with the dreadful prophecy foretold by the Mayans centuries ago the 4th Annual Del Close Awards will be celebrated at iOWest on Friday, August 20th at 9pm.

Named in honor of Del Close, improv pioneer and co-founder of the iO Chicago theater, this is the night when the iOWest community recognizes its own for contributions both valid and vapid to the art form known as improvisational theatre. Since its inception, the irreverent Del Close Awards ceremony has quickly evolved to become the biggest and most important entertainment accolades celebrated in the 6300 block of Hollywood Blvd during the month of August.

Last year’s standing-room-only audience enjoyed riotous comedy performed by a cadre of iOWest performers, unforgettable acceptance speeches, and more exposed flesh than anyone expected or deserved to see. This year the self-referential and self-congratulatory humor returns bigger and better than ever with plenty of laughs, unexpected sentiment, food, drinks, and DJ Conroy. It will be a night to remember, or at least a night to be vaguely aware of what you did or said once you regain consciousness.

Nominations for the iOWest Del Close Awards will open July 2nd. iOWest students, alumni, and audience members can visit to submit their nominations for categories including “Best Harold Team,” “Best Teacher” and the highly coveted “Sexiest Player.” This year will also inaugurate the new “Student of the Year” category which will be voted on by iOWest’s teachers. So start sucking up now, students!

Nominees will be announced and voting for the winners will commence on July 31st. Winners will be announced live at the 2010 iOWest Del Close Awards ceremony on Friday, August 20th at 9pm at iOWest.

Students and alumni interested in volunteering at this year’s ceremony should contact The Del Close Awards Committee.