The 2011 Del Close Awards Are On You Like a Spider Monkey

Get your dresses fluffed, your tuxes pressed and your viral videos to Mila Kunis ready! The 5th Annual Del Close Awards will be celebrated at iOWest on Friday, August 12th at 9pm.

The “Dels” are the most eagerly anticipated entertainment awards given out on Hollywood Blvd in mid-August. Named in honor of improv godfather and iO Chicago co-founder Del Close, this is the night when the entire iOWest community dresses to the nines (okay, sevens) and rewards its own for unparalleled contributions to our art form, human culture and the intergalactic sex trade.

The evening is like the Oscars, except with genuine laughs, worse air-conditioning and people you actually know. It’s an unforgettable night of irreverent humor, heartwarming surprises and (usually) brief nudity. The show brings together powerhouse talent from every corner of our theatre, including that corner of the Loft that hasn’t been vacuumed in years. Be dazzled on the red carpet by the lovely Damien Fahey and lovelier Grasie Mercedes. Dance your tail off into the wee hours with DJ Conroy. Enjoy drinks, food and fun with your teammates, classmates and that ill-conceived late-night hook-up you think nobody knows about. And, if you’re lucky enough, go home with a fancy golden paperweight!*

Nominations for the 2011 Del Close Awards are now open. iOWest students, alumni and audience members are invited to visit to submit their favorite shows (Harold, Improvised Non-Harold, Scripted, DCT & Loft), teachers, coaches, lines, spacework and most important of all: Sexiest Player. The iOWest faculty will select 5 students whose talent was only exceeded by their ability to kiss up with Student of the Year nominations.

Nominees will be announced and voting for the winners will commence July 24th. Winners will be announced live at the 2011 iOWest Del Close Awards ceremony on Friday, August 12th at 9pm at iOWest.

Students and alumni interested in volunteering at this year’s ceremony should contact The Del Close Awards Committee.

* Awards are not actually gold. But they are gold colored.