Well That Happened

Dave Hill at the 2014 Del Close Awards

Dave Hill receives his award for Coach of the Year at the 2014 Del Close Awards – photo by Teline Guerra Photography

The 8th annual iOWest Del Close Awards were once again a night to remember, which most of you won’t because you drank too much.

After a rollicking opening musical number parodying “Gypsy” and featuring cast members from Dr. Who Live!, The Freedom Fillies, The Dick & The Dame: Improv Noir, The Sound & The Furry and Dave Hill, the evening unfolded like clockwork.

Hill had a big night, becoming the first person to ever win 2 individual Dels on the same night: Teacher of the Year, and his 3rd consecutive win for Coach. This is great news for the hundreds of other coaches out there since it means starting next year he’ll be ineligible for the Dave Hill Coach of the Year award.

And after years of relatively seamless use of trickery, misdirection and outright lies to get the James Grace Award winners there on time, we were overdue for a goddamned circus. Which is what we got with Jaime Moyer’s: Stacy Rumaker pulling her best Jaime impression to accept on her behalf, Canon Wing & Liz Lytle fighting over Moyer’s award, and finally Jaime bursting onto the stage like the Kool-Aid Man to interrupt the presentation of Best Harold Team to give her acceptance speech. Sometimes the accidental bits turn out to be the best of the night.

Check out the full list of winners, plus the official photos. We hope you all enjoyed the show and we’ll see you next year!